What Should You Include in Your Beauty?

This year, will be include in your beauty care routine? Take special care of these things. Learn some tips.

Adopt these few beauty care routine tips for this year to be beautiful and keep skin healthy, glowing, and smooth. 

Include Anti-oxidants in your diet to keep skin healthy. Because anti-oxidants repair skin damage due to, Weather, Pollution, Fatigue and Aging. Include such elements in your routine diet, Berries, Broccoli, Garlic, Carrots and Tomatoes. Always choose such products which contain vitamin A, C and E. 


Beauty Points…

1.Our skin produces oil which collected in pores and turned into blackheads. Twice in a week do scrub your face, specially covering nose, chin, and forehead area. If you have extreme blackheads problem then remove them with blackhead remover. 

2.Clean your face with any natural cleanser. Make sure cleanser should be of your skin type. Exfoliate after cleansing. Exfoliation are two types; one is with scrub and second with special exfoliating products. These products contain ingredients like Alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acid. 

3.Rub Ice-cube twice a day to keep proper blood circulation. For long lasting makeup also ice cube used. It clamps the pimples and close the pores. 

4.Moisturize your nails once in a week also along with face and body. Coat with oil base to keep them strong and long lasting. 

5.To keep hair shining refrain from blow drying.  Choose the shampoo and conditioner according to hydrating and moisturizing. Use homemade hair mask once in a week. 

6.With the time being skin become less in high aleuronic acid. This element helps in skin smoothing and flexibility. Any good anti-wrinkle cream will keep aleuronic acid balance in your skin. But make sure before buying HA level and aleuronic acid balance in cream.


7.Do not fully depend upon chemical-based products. Use kitchen ingredients like, turmeric, gram flour, milk cream, yogurt, fruits, and nuts. Peel of vegetables and fruits are also good ingredients to use in facial masks or hair masks and homemade scrubs.