Milk of Magnesia: Best Natural Beauty Care Product

Milk of magnesia – Whenever we talk about beauty care products, we often think of on the counter products but benefits of Milk of Magnesia for face never cross our mind but it should be a topic of concern for us all. Is milk of magnesia good for your face, I bet it’s the best solution you will ever know. It’s chemical name is magnesium hydroxide. Well, I keep a bottle of the magnesia, together with the rest of my beauty products because it is the best thing to apply for healthy pores and for healthy skin that I have come across over the years. I have used many products that claim to leave your skin spotless and flawless, but the only thing that really gives the result is uses for milk of magnesia primer. These work very well with basic products.

Milk of magnesia

Story of Actress 

I found out about this beauty secret while reading a biography of a silent film actress. Her biographer credited the actress’s perfect complexion to her unusual beauty care products, together with milk of magnesia makeup. The actress had gorgeous skin well into her adolescence years and she declared that the magnesium is her special beauty care product that left her skin radiant and gorgeous. She also mentioned that it slowed the aging process as well. From the appearances of her photograph, it does seem as if it worked amazingly for her skin. She was looking so much younger than she actually is. You will be surprised to know that now it’s trending and people and many makeup artists are getting obsessed with the milk of magnesia on face for acne. Dermatologists also believe that it works brilliantly for smooth, finished and flawless skin.

Milk of magnesia

I made up my mind to give the silent film star’s unusual beauty care product a try. At first I too was skeptical about the results, but literally I was surprised by the results of milk of magnesia face primer. Milk of magnesia for pores: I have tested a number of pores reducing and pore clarifying products over the years, but none have given instant positive results. I have discovered that when I use milk of magnesia for skin problems as a beauty mask. My pores just simply disappear. There is no evidence of a single blackhead and the breakouts; that are caused by harsh pore reducing products are not a concern anymore.

You Should Try it?

Although using milk of magnesia benefits as a beauty care product may seem very strange but it is something that really worth a try. You will be surprised at the results. I know I am. I have been using these products regularly for years now.

Milk of magnesia

What does milk of magnesia do and what is milk of magnesia used for. Magnesium is a natural ingredient that is efficient in removing impurities out of your skin. One can actually feel it as a visor. Milk of magnesia restricts the excess oil in your skin.  It acts as a primer on your beautiful face. It also takes care of your skin by protecting it from penetration of external makeup products into your skin.

How to Use milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia

Using this is very easy and simple. Before using it just shake the bottle well so that milk and magnesia blend well. Now take a small amount of it so that it makes a thin layer and doesn’t look like white glowing makeup. Simply rub it on your face gently till it disappears from your face. And let it dry before you move forward with your makeup.

Wrap Up

If you are into beauty care products that are made from all-natural ingredients and do not leave your skin sore or blemished after using; then you might like to add milk of magnesia uses as part of your beauty care products. You will be left with glowing skin and your pores will gradually disappear after continuous application.

Milk of magnesia

Although the product did mention an anti-aging quality, I can’t be certain at this point of time. I would have to wait for another few years to find out just how true it is. However long the time it might take; I just wish the results are the same for me as for the silent film star.
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