If You Are A Wholehearted Coffee Lover? Then You Must Try This Coffee Scrub & Coffee for Hair Growth

coffee scrubWhile too much caffeine effects on skin might be bad for your robustness, you’ll be happy to know that it actually is a wonder ingredient for your hair & skin. you’ll be happy to know that it actually is a wonder ingredient for your hair. It elevates hair growth, makes hair darker and shinier and also improves texture.

 “Stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed.”

The Coffee Scrubs That Actually Work for Your Face!

Can’t live without your coffee attach at morning? Will not at all can we! But did you know that apart from kick-starting your energy levels and charging you for the day, a coffee scrub can do wonders for your skin? It changes your coffee skin tone.

All you need for this is a duo of simple ingredients to make your own coffee face scrub at home.

How to Make Coffee Scrub at Home –

coffee scrub

1. Moisturizing Coffee Scrub For Dry Skin

This simple scrub mask softens and delaminate caffeine on skin-

What to Use –

Coffee and Yogurt


  1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon coffee with 1 tablespoon of yogurt. 

  2. Gently massage this all over your face and neck and let it sit for five minutes.

  3. Rinse well with warm water to reveal brighter and softer skin & yogurt hair mask. 

  4. Use it once or twice per week.

2. Coffee Scrub for Dark Circles

The caffeine in this best coffee scrub can help fix those dark under-eye circles as it helps to improve blood circulation by straiten the blood vessels.

What to Use –

coffee scrub

Method – 

  1. Mix 1 tsp of all the dry ingredients and add 1 TBS of olive oil to it. 
  2. Massage onto face using gentle circular motions. 
  3. Rinse and pat dry.

3. Coffee Lip Scrub –

Ground coffee come off dead lip skin, coffee & honey mask, and coconut oil moisturize dry lips and cinnamon makes lips look plump. 

What to Use –

coffee scrub

Method – 

  1. Combine 1 TBS of ground coffee with 1 tsp of raw honey and 1 tsp of coconut oil in a small bowl and mix until a paste is form.  
  2. Take a pea sized amount of this coffee lip scrub and gently rub it over your lips
  3. Use this scrub on your lips for about 30 seconds, and then let it sit for another minute before rinsing clean.

Some Coffee Body Scrub Benefits – 

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is like a ritual for most of us and why shouldn’t it be? After all, there are many health benefits of coffee on skin and scrub advantage to be found with moderate consumption of coffee. And if you are a coffee lover then you will be happy to know that coffee benefits for skin too.

coffee scrub

1. It Improves the Texture of Your Skin – 

If you want to get rid of the dead skin cells from your body then use a coffee scrub. Your skin will surely feel softer and smoother.

2. It Removes Dead Skin Cells – 

Applying a coffee scrub helps in getting rid of sun spots, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles. Basically, the antioxidant properties help to generate new skin cells. 

3. It Gives Youthful, Radiant Skin – 

In case you didn’t know, the antioxidants found in coffee are good for the skin. It can instantly give you glowing, fresh and youthful skin.

Is Coffee Good for Skin?

Coffee is an excellent exfoliator and helps in stimulating blood flow, which reduces acne and even cellulite and stretch marks. Important coffee face pack benefit scrubs are that its rich antioxidants kill dead cells and remove impurities, making skin smoother and brighter looking.


Is Coffee Good for Your Hair?

It encourages hair growth and fights hair loss. According to the NCBI study, DHT makes hair follicles shrink. And since coffee can oppose this action while also stimulating hair follicles, it also promotes faster hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Read Down More for Coffee and Hair

Coffee for Hair Growth – 

“Did you know using coffee for hair can promote faster hair growth, make your mane strong, and give you shiny locks?”

We are sure that while taking a sip of coffee you would have never thought that this drink can be quite beneficial for your hair too. Of course, the benefits of coffee in hair have long been document, but it’s time for you to learn more about what it can do for your coffee hair growth.

What does Bathing in Coffee do?

coffee scrub

Coffee bath may be very effective at cleansing the feet and smoothing and softening the skin. The grounds can help scrape away dead skin cells from the soles of the feet, and the stimulating effects of caffeine may help to increase blood flow and circulation in the area. To make a foot bath: Brew a few large cups of coffee.

Hair Mask Benefits – 

  1. Shinier, softer hair.
  2. Added moisture.
  3. Reduced hair breakage and damage.
  4. Less frizz.
  5. A healthier scalp.
  6. Stronger hair.
  7. Less environmental and product damage.

Coffee Oil Benefits –

coffee scrub

Oils have become an integral part of almost all beauty routines. From coconut oil hair masks to olive oil body scrubs, to using essential oils in your skin care regimen – oils have become a big thing in the beauty world. You probably have at least one tube of lavender oil in your home at the moment. But have you ever thought of using coffee oil? Our organic face serum is made from coffee oil extracted from our collected coffee grounds. It has become our most highly rated product… So, we thought we would do a post to know in detail about what are the benefits of coffee oil for your skin.

Drinking caffeine clearly has its benefits. Our usual morning cup of joe is known to give us a daily dose of energy when we feel like crawling back to bed. But that’s only when you drink it, right? Turns out, coffee oil may actually be the answer to reaping the benefits of coffee without needing to dilute it. We’re no longer suggesting taking a shower of coffee to soak up all its nutrient-rich goodness. Although it will give you a delicious smell. Instead, some of us leading beauty brands are developing
skincare products that contain coffee oil, so you can soak up all those great coffee benefits.

Coloring Hair with Coffee –
To Dye your Hair with Coffee Hair Color:

  1. Brew a strong cup of dark-roast coffee.

  2. Mix about 1/2 cup of coffee with 2 tbsp. of coffee grounds and 1 cup of leave-in hair conditioner.

  3. Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair.

  4. Let the mixture set for at least an hour, and wash it out when you’re done.

  5. Repeat if necessary.

How to Use Ground Coffee?

To make one cup of coffee, put two tablespoons or one tablespoon of coffee in a French press. Pour 100 ml of boiling water, and put the lid on the press with a sieve. Leave the coffee for 3 to 5 minutes to set. Before serving, completely submerge the press to the bottom.

The Coffee Face Scrub Before and After-

coffee scrub

Coffee in Hair Before and After –

coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub for Hair & Skin

coffee scrub

mCaffeine Coffee Deep Cleansing Hair Care Duo

coffee scrub

mCaffeine Coffee & Tan Removal Combo


Coffee contains a variety of compounds that can benefit the skin, scalp and hair.

High-quality, freshly ground beans can be more effective than packaged or instant coffee. However, results can vary, and it may help to try a few different types to see which one works best.

Anyone unsure about using coffee on their skin & hair should contact a dermatologist first.